“Your body will be around a lot longer than that expensive handbag. INVEST in YOURSELF.”
— unknown very smart person

Health Coaching

After just one session you'll have: 

  • increased knowledge

  • confidence in your abilities

  • an action plan

  • accountability

  • decreased stress

  • happiness and contentment!

Coaching sessions - 

Individual: $75— Health coaching sessions are conducted individually, in person, by phone, or Skype/FaceTime. 

One month of coaching: $200 — Includes 3 sessions and weekly emails.

Pantry Makeover

$150 -- Learn how to stock your pantry with the essential items for creating healthy meals. Get tips on meal planning, shopping, and prep in the kitchen. Create a shopping list, learn how to store food better (including fridge organization), and stay on top of your inventory. 

Supermarket field trip

$150 -- Shop smarter and break through your biggest barriers to eating healthy. Feel more confident in your ability to select healthy foods. Know how to maximize your budget while eating healthy. Plan for a successful grocery shopping trip. Learn the best brands for nutritional value. A great complement to the Pantry Makeover. 

1-Hour cooking demonstration

$75 -- Are you looking for a new recipe idea or techniques to make your favorite meal healthier? Learn as you prep and cook a complete recipe that appeals to you and your family's tastes and budget. 

Group Workshops and Classes

Host a health seminar, wellness workshop, cooking class, or series that will educate, inspire and challenge your attendees or employees to make positive changes in their lives.

Contact us to get a quote for your:

  • corporate retreat

  • group workshop

  • organizational meeting

  • staff development event

  • Social or mom's club 

Corporate Wellness Consulting

Did you know? 

  • 87.5% of health care claims costs are due to an individual’s lifestyle

  • Employees resist traditional wellness programs because of privacy concerns and lack of motivation 

  • Studies show that "nudging" employees with simple messages and easy to follow directives is the best way to get them engaged

  • Supporting employees with significant health care and absenteeism rates will save you money and make them happier

Investing in an effective and well-balanced wellness program is the essential key to ensuring productive, healthy and valued employees.

Increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, and save money with employee education, wellness seminars, on-site coaching, and custom content for your intranet and newsletters. 

Our program will:

  • Tackle the three most expensive areas to insure with education and action steps.
  • Implement interactive and non-intrusive solutions that your employees will enjoy doing. 
  • Lead your employees to make smart and effective changes they can maintain.
  • Benefit your employees personally while creating a health-focused work environment for everyone.